The Ankara Travelling Dress


When you’re a King everywhere is a throne…. My take on the Ankara Travelling Dress, a project by UKBFTOG.

DSCF6791-Edit-2As a member of UKBFTOG, fellow member Tianna brought up the fabulous idea of a small group of us shooting a Travelling Dress.  Each shooting the dress our way, with a big reveal of our pictures after the last shoot, I have no words for the excitement and the impatience I had all rolled into one, my UKBFTOG sister did not disappoint!

As a group we agreed on representing African culture and using a local London based fashion designer Thea Ajayi from House of Tendai

I saw the dress and knew I wanted to introduce some masculine energy, we all have both, right? Gender stereotypes of boys wear blue trousers, girls wear pink dresses are dismantled everyday, as a kid pink was not my colour. Gender stereotypes only serve to put us in boxes, not today.


I digress back to our awesome travelling dress, wanting to represent men and also wanting an older model, I reached out to Andrew a 50 plus model (yes!! 50 plus!!!) we agreed on styling and made our outdoor shoot happen, of course the day represented British weather at its finest a very dark grey rainy day, but we made it work and the dark atmospheric mood fuelled the grainy gritty image result, reminiscent of ancient Pharaohs and Obas! The King is Here!

Let me know what you think about the images and how would you tell this story?


10 photographer and one dress designer all contributed to the project if you would like to see other representations of our dress check out the links below.


The King has left the building.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Dress, visit the dress on its travels, links to the other amazing creatives who took part.

Pataki Photos

Urban Bridesmaid

Mellz Photography

Julietta Arden-Taylor Photography

Tianna J-Williams Photography

Kica Photography

Toyin Photography

LA Creativity

Lensi Photography

View the whole collection on our group site

UKBFTOG UK Black Female Photographers


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